Thursday, 16 June 2011

Lirik Lagu Drake feat. Trey Songz - Replacement Girl Lyrics

Let me show you what it is,
I was birthed up top,
I was raised at the bottom of the map,
Where the girls all thick,
And the hottest nigga rap ,
And if you lookin for the good and we got 'em,
In the trap like (ooh wee),
took 'em from white sneaks to (looeee),
This metaphor might sound a lil confusing but (ya'll already knoow if you know me),
I done come a long way from the days inn,
Another hotel that i stayed in,
I took my lifestyle from mediocre to good,
And now we see it's sitting at amazing,
Girls trying to ho lobby us,
Hear 'em all screaming and it's prolly us,
But i can't blame females,
Females can't really ignore something this obvious,
What you really expect when i strut through town,
Two or three days and i'll shut you down,
Chillin with the homie trey songz,
You call him the prince,
He rep two up, two down,
Anyone i know get used to me,
I'm far the man that i used to be,
And i don't ever really kick game,
And i know you find it impressing when you're introduced to me,
Cause imma good dude, take pride in that,
Need good loving i'm providing that,
Understand that i'm worldwide,
You get it how you want it wherever you be residing at,
Cause i do things from the M town to the UK from Spain back out to Texas,
This album for my fans but yo this hook is for my exes.


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