Friday, 10 June 2011

Lirik Lagu Rye Rye - Never Will Be Mine (feat. Robyn) Lyrics

So, I was sitting outside one day
Waiting for the dude to come down my way
Praying, wishing, hoping, thinking
And I felt my emotions sinking
I’ve been waiting for the phone to ring
I check constantly, but it was all a dream
I never thought you could be so mean!
Tired of the waiting, so it’s time to come clean
And why do boys have to be so shady?
First it's all good and he's glad you his lady
Baby this, baby that, see another chick and he act like that
But the thing with me, I can’t take it
kept it 100, was real, now face it!
You gonna eat your words and I’mma make you happen
So, we’re ready for the action



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